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The Institute of Oriental Studies is one of the oldest and targest humanitarian and scientific research institutes in the Russian Federation. The Department of Asian International Relations was formed after the second World War to provide information and research on the foreign policy problems of individual states and sub-regions of Asia. At present, the Department examines the new emerging structure of international relations in the post cold war era. It tackles theoretical problems of international relations (regional environment, interactions of actors, interests, threats and security etc.). As a result of uneven development in the South new lines of conflict have become prominent. the Department is engaged in research on these problems.

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Anatoly Khazanov -
 Director of the Department, professor. Post-confrontational models of international relations in Asia;
Vladimir Pankratyev - Changes in international environment and their effect on the behaviour of global and regional actors; conflicts and security;
Elena Melkumian - International relations in the Middle East and Gulf region;
Inessa Ivanova - Foreign policy of Turkey (especially in the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, the Balkans, Cyprus problem);
Olga Ledovskaya - International relations in the Far East, Indo-Japanese relations;
Renat Ziganshin - Foreign policy of China;
Dmitry Mileev - Foreign policy of Japan;
Taissiya Ustinova - web-master of that site;

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